Friday, 11 April 2014


Hey everyone,

Recently, you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting a lot. This is because I have been very busy and can’t seem to find any spare time. I like to spend time planning posts, so that they are as informative as they can be. I just don’t want to start rushing them because my heart is not in it.

So, I am going to have a little break from the blogging world and hopefully when I come back, there will be a flow of posts. I am also hoping to re-design Beccafun and make the design more Becca. I would love a professional to design me something, but for now it will be homemade.

I can’t say for sure when I will be back, but I will be sure to let you know.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Perfume Power! - Avon 'Femme'

I recently started looking at the Avon catalogues again and I saw this perfume had a test circle. Whenever I see the test circles, I just have to rub them! I tested this perfume and I instantly wanted it, plus it was on offer with the matching body spray and lotion.

The bottle is clear glass and is inspired by diamonds. The cap is clear plastic and is a squared diamond shape. It has a regular perfume spritzer, which is silver to blend in with the clear cut look.

The fragrance notes are:-

Top Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Plum & Violet
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Wild Orchid & Magnolia
Base Notes: Amber, Peach, Wood & Musk

I really like the bottle because it is beautifully simple and you can see how much liquid you have left. The cap is not very secure though because it just sits on top of the spritzer, which means it can easy fall off in your bag. The spritzer is very easy to use and it distributes the perfume evenly in a concentrated mist. The scent I would say is very floral influenced, but you still get the hint of fruitiness. You can really smell the jasmine, magnolia and grapefruit. It is a very light scent and is suitable for all tastes. Although the scent is light, it does linger on your skin for quite a while. It reminds me of a more toned down Treselle, also a fragrance by Avon and a more floral Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

Overall this is a very lovely perfume and definitely a perfect floral Spring scent. It is not as expensive as most 50ml perfumes, and could easily beat some higher end scents! I would recommend it and would probably re-purchase it too.

Price - £16        Rating - 5/5
Recommend - Yes        Re-Purchase - Yes
Available at -

What on your thoughts on this perfume?

♥ ♥

Monday, 7 April 2014

Graze Box #6

Welcome to my second Graze delivery of the year. I was quite excited when I first opened it, even though I have tried one of the treats before.

A closer look at my treats.

Cracking Black Pepper Cashews

“Black pepper cashews, roasted cashews & redskin peanuts”

I have had cashews before and they are not my favourite, but the black pepper completely changes them and they are actually quite nice and the flavour is not too overpowering. I am not keen on the roasted cashews because they don’t really taste of anything and the bit of flavour they do have is very dry. Lastly, the peanuts are kind of strange. They kind of taste soily and dry, therefore I don’t like these.

My Thai

“Sweet chilli sauce with baked soy bites”

This was my first experience of this one and you can really smell the soy on the bites and they have a funny texture, but are really yummy. I didn’t try the chilli sauce because I didn’t like the scent and I am not big on sauces anyway.

“Crunchy rice crackers with cracked black pepper”

I have had these before and I love them! They are slightly spicy and very peppery. They taste amazing and are crunchy. They feel very naughty for a light and low calorie snack!

Pomodoro Rustichella

“Cheese croutons, tomato baguettes & tomato & herb almonds”

The croutons are very nice and the cheese flavour is not that strong at all. The tomato baguettes are kind of spicy and also very tasty. I don’t really like almonds, so I didn’t want to try them, but the tomato and herb flavouring really changes them. They taste lovely! I probably wouldn’t eat them if they were plain though.

Overall this was a great box! My favourite snack was the Cracking Black Peppercorn Crackers, because I have had them before and they are amazing. The Soy Bites were really good too. I enjoyed everything from the box apart from the chilli sauce and the redskin peanuts.

- Click to view my last box -


What is your favourite snack from this box?

Monday, 31 March 2014

Empties #16 - March 2014

I have another Empties for you. I’ve not used up much this month I’m afraid. It’s mostly body care items because I’ve been doing more buying and using!

Lady GaGa Fame Shower Gel
This shower gel was quite good. It lathered really well and the scent was strong too, just like the perfume! The colour of the gel was also black and then it turns grey when lathered. Although I liked it, I wouldn’t purchase it separately.
200ml | £15

I have used up several cans of this scent over the years, and I won’t stop now! It is my second favourite scent from Impulse and I LOVE it!
75ml | £1.99

Morrisons So Clear Dual Action Moisturiser
I have used this before and it is just a basic product, but it works and it is inexpensive.
100ml | £1.49

Cien BodyCare Classic Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
I still love this deodorant.
200ml | 75p

I’ve used up yet another packet and I still have more of them to get through!
64wipes | 87p

Morrisons Instant Fresh Breath Freshening Spray
I am still using this too.
12.5ml | £2.50

I really liked using this powder and I think it might be my favourite. I already have it reviewed here.
10g | £3.99

This is my second tube of this mascara and it makes your lashes look longer, fuller and more voluminous. The effects last all day and it is easy to apply, even though the brush is huge and the formula is clump free!
10ml | £10

This was my first packet and I bought them just to try them because sometimes I am too tired to moisturise my face at night and I thought these would be a good cheat. They are not bad, but too expensive for what they are and you only get fifteen wipes in a packet. They smell nice, but I’m not overly keen on the scent of melon. I probably wouldn’t re-purchase them.
15wipes | £3.95

This was my first can of this deodorant because I ran out of the one I was using and this was the most convenient to buy in the shop I was in. It is a very good deodorant, but not that different to the Cien one, apart from the Nivea one has a sort of silky scent. I prefer unscented deodorants, because sometimes when you sweat the scent from the deodorant can get into your clothes and after a while it can make them smell funny, especially if you are extra sweaty one day. I would re-purchase it though, if I come in need.
150ml | £2.50

Glade Candle in Honey & Chocolate
This is my fourth candle of this scent and I still love it! It reminds me so much of sandalwood and I will definitely be re-purchasing this again soon.
120g | £5

Glade Room Spray in Sparkling Floral (LE)
This was my first can of this scent and it was quite nice. I also used up the matching candle last month. It is not my top scent from Glade, but I would re-purchase.
275ml | £3

Schwarzkopf Palette Intensive Cream Colour in 678 Ruby Red
This is the last box I have to use up and then I think I might try a lighter brunette shade next time. But I love this colour and I think I would miss it too much, but we shall see!
115ml | £3.98

Morrisons Savers Shaving Foam
I have used up another can of this.
250ml | 49p

Dentalux Coolmint Mouthwash
I decided to try this because it was convenient and cheap to get. I probably wouldn’t get it again because I am used to the strength of the Listerine mouthwashes. If you want something gentle and inexpensive, give this a go.
500ml | 49p

I used up my last can of this deodorant and it is good, but it doesn’t beat my new favourite by Cien!
150ml | £1

A few make-up products are nearing their end, so you may get to see them in an Empties soon, which will be a big change. I think I may start doing these posts every two months again, because I am mostly using up body care items and they are not as interesting as make-up or other beauty related products. I am however, still trying to get lots of reviews planned because I have quite a few new Benefit products to try, so keep your eyes peeled for that. But for now, it’s sayonara!

What have you used up this month?

Monday, 24 March 2014

Swatches: e.l.f Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF15 in Mellow Melon

Mellow Melon - hot pink based coral

Very pigmented, tacky, smooth, slightly moisturising & smells of coconut

What do you think of this product?

♥ ♥